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Stefano de Nonveiller was a Venetian Naval officer and governor.
He was born in Trier around 1660, and joined the Venetian Navy during the Great Turkish War.
He fought under General Degenfeld in the Morean War and reached the rank of Sergente Maggiore di Battaglia.
He remained in service after the war and became the general of the city of Kotor, on the east Adriatic coast, from 1712 to 1728.
He was the grandfather of General Stefano Nonveiller.
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Nato nel 1660 a Treviri (Renania Palatinato - Germania)
Morto nel 1735 a Cattaro (Montenegro)
Sepolto in Montenegro
Sposato con ?, da cui ha avuto:

  • Gian Federico Nonvellier 1695