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About me:

I am an ecologist specialised in wildlife conservation from Padova, Italy.
I am very passionate about herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians). In July 2020 I completed my PhD at the University of Sydney in the Whittington-Thompson Lab, on the ecology and conservation of the freshwater turtles living in the Murray River. My PhD took me from Sydney, to the South of NSW, to beautiful wetlands in South Australia, working on a range of different projects. Specifically, I investigated what the consequences of the current sharp decline in turtles are for the river ecosystem, conservation techniques such as headstarting baby turtles, as well as the outreach power of citizen science. I currently work for an NGO/Charity called OceanWatch Australia, based in Sydney, on projects related to bushfire impacts to aquatic environments and mangrove restoration. For more information, visit here.
I enjoy scuba diving (especially looking for nudibranchs), kayaking/hiking, cooking (and eating), snowboarding, and taking photos of the wildlife I encounter both on land and underwater (if curious, check out my Instagram @claudibranch).

Claudia Giulia
Figlia di Silvio Santori e di Lucia Donč

Nata il 1-11-1991 a Padova (Veneto - Italia)
Claudia Claudia Claudia Claudia